Modern Home Garage Ideas

Is your garage not being used the way you like? Are you in desperate need of a garage remodel? It’s easier to get it in order than you think.

3 Benefits Of Remodeling Or Adding A New Deck

Property Value

Some of our clients want to convert their garages into an additional room for the house. Not only is that very expensive, it can also hurt the value of your home. Remodeling the garage into a brighter and more finished area, however, will likely improve the value of your home.

Ease Of Access

A remodeled garage is generally just a better space to enjoy! If you are the kind of person that enjoys spending time in the garage, sealing the floors, adding new shelving to better organize, with cabinets, and adding more storage space can overall can Increase how enjoyable your garage is.

Extend Living Space

While transforming your garage into a room in the house can hurt property value, but don't disregard the garage as just a storage area either. You can effectively use the garage to extend the living space of the home or, If there Is a need for a workspace you can do that.

What You'll Accomplish

Increased Home Value

Although a garage addition does not increase the living square footage inside your home, it does increase the square footage.

More Space

These types of additions can double as a place to park vehicles out of the weather and a place that adds some valuable storage space for things like outdoor equipment (snowblowers, lawnmowers, 4-wheelers, etc.).

Additional Storage

Shelving and racks can be installed in the garage to provide room for items that receive more occasional use such as seasonal outdoor decorations and automotive cleaning supplies

Protect Valuable Assets

Certainly, one of the most beneficial aspects of a garage addition is that it helps to protect your vehicles from wear and tear from the elements.

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Customers Testimonials

I hired J&D to epoxy my garage floor. Now it looks like a showroom floor. I`m excited.
Tony G
Needed new garage doors. I`m glad I chose this company to make it easy for me.
Frank B
I bought my new house with no sheet rock in my garage. I hired these guys to hang my ceiling and walls and paint. Thanks again.
Roy L

Cool Garage Ideas

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