Why Hire Us For New Flooring

New flooring is an excellent way to both change the look of your home and help It become more Insulated. With heating and cooling costs on the rise, it makes sense to do everything you can to keep your home well Insulated from temperature extremes. 

Top 3 Benefits Of Updating With New Flooring

Upgrade Your Look

Your flooring takes up a major part of any space, so it’s no surprise that a new floor can be completely transformational. If you’ve found that no matter what décor you choose, you just can’t quite capture the look you’re going for – it could be that a floor refresh is just what you need.

Ready to Sell?

Because a lot of floors to begin to show wear and tear over a few years and you will want your house to look the best it can while you’re trying to sell. While hardwood floors are still king and offer the biggest bang for your buck, installing any neutral new modern flooring is a great idea.

You Save Money

Some floors serve as better insulation than others, helping to preserve the temperature in your home. With less temperature fluctuations, you’re less inclined to rely on heating and cooling. This means you can look forward to saving some extra money on your utility bills!

What You'll Accomplish

Save Money on Utilities

Depending on the materials you choosing, new flooring can make it possible to save money on your utility bills. If you have tile, laminate, stone, or hardwood floors, you’ll notice your home has the ability to stay cooler during those hot summer months.

New Flooring Is Easier to Maintain

If your old flooring takes hours to clean, you may decide it’s time to go with a material that is much easier to maintain. Luckily, if you choose to work with a professional, they can provide samples of flooring and explain which ones will be easiest to maintain in the coming years.

Higher Home Value

If you’re ready to say goodbye to the carpet or replace the worn-out tiles in your kitchen and bathrooms, do it now before putting your home on the market or showing It.

Create a New Style

If you’re tired of the light wood you’ve had in your home for years and want to switch it up with dark mahogany, you’ll be pleased with the variety of choices there are that will transform your home into a beautiful inspirational work of art.

New flooring 1920x 1080

Customers Testimonials

My dishwasher flooded my kitchen floor. J&D Handyman came in and tore out the old floor and installed new ceramic flooring and I'm loving it. Great price and professional service!
Luna Y
My old hardwood floors were very scratched and worn. They came in, sanded, refinished and stained the old floors – look brand new again. I will be calling you guys back to do more work.
Sammy R
My guest cottage needed a new durable flooring. J&D Handyman recommended the use of new vinyl snap lock flooring. Great choice, love the look of it and the great price.
Harry B

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