3 Things To Do Before Lot Clearing

Thinking about lot clearing or Investing In wooded acreage? J and D Handyman can give you some awesome Idea’s for managing a project before you start removing the tree’s.

Top 3 Things To Do Before Doing Lot Clearing

Examine the Land

Because you're considering lot clearing, your land for a specific purpose or building a house, you'll almost certainly have access to construction designs. With this information, you'll be able to calculate how much clearing you'll need to accomplish. You may not want to clear all of the vegetation on a forested property

Potential Hazards

Clearing a forested property might provide unexpected obstacles that you should be aware of before beginning the process. Because underused lots tend to become overgrown with weeds and other plants, you'll want to make sure there aren't any big rocks lurking in places where they can't be seen creating hazards.

Zoning and Building

The last thing you want is to clear property only to be informed it was unlawful because you violated some zoning law you were unaware of. This would lead to a dispute with your town council and a slew of unneeded costs. To avoid this, contact your town's building and zoning authorities prior to starting up.

What You'll Accomplish

Lot Clearing - Environmental

Overgrown lots are quickly dominated by different types of foliage. Because of the competition, it’s challenging for any of the plants to survive and thrive. Soil will also deplete in nutrients over time.

Promote Healthy Tree Growth

When numerous trees and plants are all competing for the same space to grow in, it affects their ability to flourish. If the land is cleared, the vegetation that is left will be able to get all the water, & other nutrients.

Lot Clearing, Improved Safety,

Safety is another reason why land clearing is important. Land that is free of exposed roots, decaying tree stumps, thorns, rocks, and other debris removes a significant safety hazard from a property.

Reduced Pests

From invasive plant species to mosquitoes and termites, an abandoned property with excessive overgrowth is a playground for pests.

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I wanted to add a riding ring on my horse farm. I called this company and within a week I had a very usable spot. My horses love you guys!
Laura Z
My driveway was washed out by a bad storm. J&D Handyman regraded it for me and added gravel. Now it`s perfect.
Ryan P
We bought three acres all woods. We hired J&D to clear most of the smaller trees so we could add in a future a workshop. They did their work with great skill and great prices.
The Wilsons

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