Why Replace Your Roof

A new roof Is an investment In your future and will save money on heating costs by providing better insulation for cold winter months and helping keep cool air from escaping during summer heatwaves.

Top 3 Benefits Of Getting A New Roof

Improved Curb Appeal

Many home improvement tasks center around looks, so there’s no reason to discount the massive impact a new roof can have on curb appeal. There are so many roofing materials available today that you can almost always get a custom look at an affordable price.

Increased Home Value

Putting a new roof on your home significantly increases its value. Curb appeal is definitely a primary reason, but buyers are also willing to pay more for the assurance that roof replacement isn't going to be a concern for many years to come. Over 30+ years of experience.

Reduce Energy Costs

Whether you’re trying to keep the sun from beating down on your house and heating it or you’re hoping to keep the cold wind from getting in, the proper roofing choices can accomplish those goals and result in lower utility bills. Modern roofing materials are far more energy-efficient.

What You'll Accomplish

Increases Property Value

While the cost might seem prohibitive, one of the biggest benefits of a new roof is that is will increase the value of your property. If you ever decide to sell your home, you will see a big return on investment.

Energy Savings

The benefits of installing a new roof is experiencing saving over time? A new roof can make your HVAC system more efficient. That leads to energy savings on your electric bill every month.

Added Curb Appeal

You want your home to look nice, right? New roof installing is a little like getting an extreme makeover. Your home will look more revitalized, with a new look and feel, no matter its age.

Have Peace of Mind

Do you want to be burdened with worries about when your roof will go? Are you experiencing leaks? Do you lay awake at night worrying about it?

need a roof?

Customers Testimonials

I just used J&D Handyman for the first time. Great Company! Great people! They replaced my old leaking roof and installed new gutters. I will for sure be using them again.
Paul K
My roof was damaged by a falling tree. We called J&D Handyman to repair and replace our entire roof and it looks wonderful
Trish B
With the last hail storm we had our roof was really damaged. Thanks to J&D we now have a beautiful new roof.
Bobby L

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