Replacing Wood Trim With PVC

J and D Handyman can wrap trim using aluminum or, use foam pvc. More often the pvc Is the most durable and versatile In design and offers an easier size option to replace It, and It’s less labor Intensive.

Top 3 Benefits Of Replacing Wood Trim With PVC

The Cost Of Timber

The cost of manufacturing cellular PVC may be much more stable, so that it’s easier to predict your construction costs and get a quote for more accurate pricing for your new home construction projects while avoiding unexpected charges for wood trim pieces. We buy our material from local suppliers only.

Avoiding Moisture

Because PVC doesn’t absorb moisture, it’s an excellent choice for use in humid areas and those with frequent rainstorms. PVC won’t pull moisture from the ground, or from concrete or other such surfaces, and won’t absorb moisture from the air; in turn, it won’t go through an expand-shrink cycle or deteriorate easily.

Prevent Termites

PVC offers termites and other insects no food or water source, so these pests are less likely to invade a home that uses cellular PVC trim. It’s also difficult If not downright impossible for bedbugs, ants, and rodents to chew through PVC trim to get into the home’s framework and then nest Inside critical areas.

What You'll Accomplish

PVC trim is shaped and molded

each type of piece that will be used for a construction project, there is no sawdust, wood scraps, or other construction waste.

Regular woodworking tools

Don't need to invest in expensive new equipment to use this material, and easier to save on labor cost.

PVC Is Flame-Retardant.

This resistance to fire and heat makes it an excellent choice for any home, but especially those in areas that are prone to brushfires, wildfires, and even high heat that could cause other materials to combust

Much Softer Material

PVC trim can be used in particular designs so that the trim fits perfectly and is a strong complement to exterior features of a home.

new pvc molding on exteriors, decking and porticos

Customers Testimonials

J&D Handyman did a great job replacing all exterior trim with all new PVC trim. Now I don't have maintenance in the future. Thanks again!
Mark B
All the rotten wood around my two bay windows were replaced with rot free wood by this great company. God bless you guys!
Chelsea Z
My gutters were falling off the house. All the facia boards were rotten. J&D replaced the facia boards with PVC and installed all new gutters. Great work, great price
Cara U

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