Why Hire An Assembly Professional

Skilled furniture assembly professionals  can get your job done right. They’ll be in and out before you know it, giving you more time to do the things that matter most to you.

3 Benefits Of Outsourcing Furniture Assembly

Save Precious Time

It can be extremely beneficial to outsource this to a furniture assembly service. They're equipped to handle the job and it doesn't take them long to get it done, saving you time to do other important things. By outsourcing to a professional, you'll be saving money and time.

Get It Right

A furniture assembly handyman knows how to follow an instruction book inside and out. They can easily understand what the instructions say and make sure that they set it up right the first time. Everyone knows the hassle of understanding the instruction book!

The Right Tools

Have you ever tried to assemble furniture just to find yourself looking for the proper screwdriver? It can be challenging to find all the right tools that you need at your disposal. With an expert furniture assembly service, you won't have to worry about this any longer.

What You'll Accomplish

Less Chance of Damage

Without the proper assembly techniques, you may accidentally drop pieces of your new item or hit walls while moving it, causing damages to your brand new furniture or home.

Safety is Important

Setting up furniture can be dangerous and accidents are likely to happen if you don't know how to do it. Many pieces are heavy and very sharp.

No Cleaning Up the Mess

A professional furniture assembly service will take the time to clean up any mess that they make. This includes picking up any garbage left and ensuring that spare parts end up back in your hands.

We Have the Right Tools

With our expert furniture assembly service, you won't have to worry about this any longer. Our furniture assembly handyman will arrive with all the tools we need to set up the furniture properly.

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Customers Testimonials

I bought a huge outdoor playset from Costco. We tried to put it together. LOL. After long hours of wasting our precious time we called J&D Handyman to do the rest. Thanks for saving us! The children love it!
Patty P
My wife needed bookcases installed. Called the right company for the job. Thank you J&D Handyman!
Larry E
Thanks again for installing our home entertainment center. You made the job look easy!
Kim G

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J and D Handyman helps people challenged by furniture assembly. We have the right tools and provide home décor tips and advice as well as ideas to make your home even more amazing. Our YouTube channel is dedicated to showcasing some of our favorite house ideas that we think are worth recommending to our community.

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