Does Your Attic Need Help

Most of us go for temporary solutions like throwing random Items in the attic that stay there for longer periods of time. As a result, this junk piles up and finds a home. We can help take It back.

Top 3 Benefits For Cleaning Your Attic

We Know How to Clean

In order to make your attic look like new, you should schedule one of our handyman professionals. We have the expertise In attic cleaning. Our handyman will provide professional attic cleaning services, declutter, organizing or even built In storage that will help you clean, or make room for more storage. In your attic.

Handling Big Stuff

There might be boxes at your place that only Hercules can lift up. It is obviously not wise to figure out how to change their place all by yourself without the risk of any Injury. However, Instead of quitting the cleaning plan In utter frustration just because of that one thing, you should call us. We are experts In attic cleaning.

Save For Long Term

There are numerous valuable items in your home such as carpets, drapes, blinds and furniture that may wind up In your attic.. Every single piece is worth at least hundred, if not thousands, of dollars. In order to maintain their cleaner and greener looks, you’ll have to deep clean them using our means and methods.

What You'll Accomplish

We're Better Equipped

Regardless of how strongly you can scrub or mop, no tool and products will work as effectively as the cleaning tools which professionals use

Get added storage space

A clutter-free attic clean means more space for your newer items. Go through your items and decide which things you want to keep, sell/donate, or throw away.

Find lost items

Going through your old things is a great way to unearth old favorites you’ve missed or thought you’d lost through the years.

Pest Control

A clean attic means there are fewer hiding places available for pests. Rodents, silverfish, and other creepy crawlers have less places to nest.

cleaning that attic

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Bathroom remodeled project was beautiful. So glad I chose this company . They were very helpful from the planning staged to the final completion. Professional, prompt and met all my needs and wants..
Megan G
We had a lot of rotten wood on our home. J&D Handyman recommended to replace it with PVC instead of wood, so it will last and we will not have any maintenance in the future. Excellent suggestion . Great work by you guys.
Rosy Smith
Recently had J&D handyman services come in and do some plumbing work for me, they were quick to respond, professional, on time and the cost was reasonable. Would highly recommend J and D Handyman Services.
Rose French

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