Manufactured Stone Exterior

Natural stone veneer panels have become one of the most sought-after natural stone for both commercial and residential architectural design due to their slim profile and distinctive finishes. Natural stone panels are ideal for interior and exterior wall accents.

Top 3 Benefits Of Getting Natural Stone Veneer

Exterior Accents

Encapsulating your home In all the advantages that stone veneer provides is about as close to living in a castle as we're likely to get in this modern era. So, if you want to feel like the lord or lady of your own home, we recommend the tasteful incorporation of natural stone veneers onto your home's exterior.

Doorways with Style

Have you ever wanted to feel like your home was a doorway to another world? Have you ever drifted listlessly through your halls and desired to enter a magical land of days-gone-by, where adventures are plentiful and excitement a guarantee? Because there is a way, through the natural advantage of stone veneers!

Elegant Bathrooms

The primary advantage of stone veneers in the bathroom is that it creates a wonderful environment of peace and relaxation. There’s something extremely tranquil about the combination of flowing water and natural stone existing in the same space. J and D Handyman can provide you several options and designs.

What You'll Accomplish

Stone Veneer Is Affordable

One of the biggest benefits of choosing manufactured stone veneer for your exterior renovations is how affordable it is.

Range of Styles and Colors

When it comes to choosing real, natural stone, your options are somewhat limited. But manufactured stone veneer can be made to match any color or style, natural or otherwise.

Environmentally Friendly

Manufactured stone production is far more environmentally friendly. You can rest easy knowing that your purchase helped protect nature rather than further damaging it.

Create a New Style

If you’re tired of the light wood you’ve had in your home for years and want to switch it up with dark mahogany, you’ll be pleased with the variety of choices there are that will transform your home into a beautiful inspirational work of art.

Custom Stone Veneer Natural Stone

Customers Testimonials

We bought a 1950th cinder block home as a second home. Spoke to this company and they recommended a stone veneer over the old block. How beautiful it is now! They did magic on our house.
Lynn K
We hired J&D to build a stone wall in our great room and it's fabulous. It`s the center point of our home.
John W
My wife wanted a new fireplace in our basement. J&D Handyman built it and installed stone. We are both so happy we chose this company.
Tommy P

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