Repairing Plumbing Leaks

Even If your plumbing Issue Is small, It can grow and cause serious damages to your home. It might be a leaking tap or a clogged kitchen sink; whatever your plumbing problem, we prevent bacteria growth.

Top 3 Benefits Of Doing Plumbing Maintenance

Better Pressure

Regular plumbing maintenance can identify these issues before they become crises. And regular plumbing maintenance can help prevent the leaks and mineral buildup that lead to low water pressure in the first place. We make sure you have the pressure you need for a nice, hot shower.

Increased Air Quality

Old pipes can become cracked pipes, which means slow and sometimes unnoticeable leaks throughout your home. These leaks that go unnoticed can soon become water that transforms into mold and mildew. While you may not notice this mold and mildew.

Fewer Repairs

Maintenance helps reveal issues that are lingering just below the surface, and maintenance gives your plumbing professional the opportunity to fix the issues. You'll be able to go about your day and avoid inconvenience, and you'll hopefully avoid emergency repairs.

What You'll Accomplish

Lower Your Expenses

When your plumbing is going bad, it starts to show up in your water bill. Leaks and other inefficiencies lead to wasted water.

Greater Value

When you choose planned home maintenance like regular plumbing checkups, you help extend the life of your home’s plumbing system. This means you could add years to the life of your plumbing,


Metal components rust and eventually pollute the water. Moreover, you can be using water contaminated with bacteria growth because of leaking pipes.


If you ignore a current plumbing problem, it might cause irreparable damage to your home. A small leak may spiral out of control and become a serious problem, causing pipes to burst.

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Dependable service. Excellent work. An excellent company to do business with. They were prompt about getting me on schedule
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Emergency call! Could not find anyone on a Sunday to get my water back on. Called J & D Handyman they answered the phone on the second ring. Had their guys in 1 hour. They got my water back up and running. I highly recommend this company.
Billy B
I wanted all new toilets replaced and a new hot water heater. Only one company to call and it`s J&D Handyman. We have used them for years. God bless!
Joan E

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