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How Much Does A Bathroom Remodel Cost?

🏠☀️As bathrooms continue to evolve, so too must their design. Today, consumers want a space that feels relaxing and peaceful, rather than utilitarian. And one that will also increase the value of their houses.

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how much does a bathroom remodel cost

🔎What Steps Take Before Starting a Bathroom Renovation

Before starting any remodeling job, make sure you know how much money you have set aside for the work. You may find out that you do not have enough money to complete the entire task. Some projects cost more than others, so if you cannot afford an expensive one, then choose something else.

Bathroom renovations continue to be popular, despite rising costs.

Before deciding whether to take the leap, here’s what you need to know.

Bathroom renovation costs vary depending on the scope of the project. If you’re looking for cosmetic improvements, like new towels and a fresh coat of paint, you could spend anywhere between $500-$1,000. Replacing or replacing some of the fixtures, like the sink, tub/shower, and toilets, will run you thousands of dollars.

If you’re looking for ways to get rid of old tile, tubs, toilets, vanities, and cabinets without having to replace them, you might be interested in remodeling instead of tearing down. However, if you decide to tear out everything, expect to spend at least $10,000.

“Upscale” refers to something that is better than average; “exceed” means to go beyond an expected level. So, when you say “such upscale bathroom remodel”, you mean they’re better than average, but not necessarily by much. You could use “exceeding expectations”.

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⚡There are several factors that influence the cost of a bathroom renovation.

You’re wondering: How could renovate a room the size of a parking spot cost more than a Tesla? The answer to that partially lies in your geographic area and the usual varia­tions in housing prices and services. A bathroom remodel in Peoria, Illinois, according to Home­ Advisor, the homeowner contractor match maker, typically costs from about $3,800 to $10,000. Another online serv­ice, Sweeten,says the “mid grade”job in Houston will run from about $15,000 to$ 25,000 while a high end reno­dition and expansion in that city might start at about$30,000. Meanwhile,in New York City, Sweeten says a typi­cal primary bath comprising 100 square feet can be redone for a tidy $60,000 to$ 85,000.

Regardless of where you’re located, there will always be a wide price difference between small projects and larger ones. Those differences are due mainly to material and labor costs.

🔋☀️Material values

Bathrooms involve a surprising amount of different products and materials. When planning a renovation, you need to consider all these factors when shopping for items.

The prices for a faucet sink run from $64 to $1,442. You could be looking at even pricier sinks if you’re willing to spend a bit more. For instance, luxury brand WaterWorks makes a beautiful sink with etched crosses, goosenecks, and a list cost of $4,325!

🔋☀️Contractor costs

Bathrooms are one of the most expensive rooms in any house to renovate. But bathrooms tend to be the room where contractors get their biggest headaches. Most construction Estimates would include a designer, building permit expediter, demolisher, carpenter, plumber, electrician, tile setters, drywallers and painters. Scheduling becomes a fine balancing act between allowing each trade to finish its assigned task and keeping the project going smoothly.

If a builder doesn’t study the specifications for the vanity first, he might not know where to drill the holes for the plumbing pipes. If the shower enclosure isn’t measured before the fixtures are installed, if the bathroom floor plan isn’t drawn up before the tile arrives, the bathroom may not meet code requirements.

🔋☀️Special designs

Baths designed for people with disabilities or simply those who wish to age in their own homes can be tricky (read: more expensive) if they aren’t built properly. Some homeowners might want a handyman and a contractor who are certified as disability-access specialists by the National Association like J and D Handyman or at least a homebuilder and a general contractor who are knowledgeable about universal access. Most importantly, ADA-compliant bathrooms must provide enough maneuvering space, so enlarging a small bathroom to comply with ADA regulations could cost twice as much. According to HomeAdvisor, the average price per square foot for an ADA-compliant bathroom renovation is $3,500 higher than a regular one.

🔋☀️Choosing a bathroom contractor

If you want to avoid doing a major renovation yourself, hire professionals instead. They’re better equipped to handle the project safely and efficiently.

If you’re looking for a renovation project, you might hire a general contractor who specializes in kitchen and bath renovations. You could also look for someone who has experience working with interior designers. A good place to start would be with a local home improvement store. They often offer services like bathroom planning and may even be able to help you get started on your own plans.

For some people, the best option is a design-build company. These companies keep responsibility for everything related to the project under one roof, including planning the layout, selecting the size of the vanity and deciding where to put the bathroom tissue roll, choosing the most attractive waterproof wall covering, and hiring someone who knows how to install it.

🔋☀️A bathroom remodel increases your house’s value by up to $17,000 To $25,000.00

When it comes time to sell your house, realtors often recommend updating the bathroom. Updating the bathroom is one of the top five projects that appeals to potential buyers and adds to the resale price of a property.

Not that homeowners get more than they put into a project. Generally, bathroom renovations average a ROI of around 50 to 55%. Interestingly, the more extravagant the renovation, the lower the ROI. A mid-range bathroom remodel, or one worth $25,000, increased the value of a house by $13,500 (60% ROI). Spend $76,500 on an upscale bathroom remodel, however, and the ROI falls to just 54.8%.

🔋☀️You can finance a kitchen or bath remodel by refinancing your mortgage.

You may be thinking about remodeling your bathroom because you want more room or it’s outdated and badly needs an update. Luckily, you don’t have to pay for it all at one time.

Financing your kitchen remodel with a personal loan

With personal loans, you get a set rate of return, a set term, and a set monthly payment; they’re therefore easy to budget for.

With a personal mortgage, you don’t need to offer any collateral (such as a house) when applying for a new mortgage. Because they’re unsecured, the application process is typically easier than with other types of mortgages.

Financing a bathroom renovation using a home improvement loan or HELOC

An alternative way to borrow money is by taking out a home mortgage. Home mortgages require you to pay back the borrowed funds plus an additional amount called the mortgage’ (a form of insurance) for a set period of time.

With a home equity line of credits (HELOC), you usually need to put up your house as security for the loan. However, unlike home equity loans, you don’t get an exact sum of money you can borrow. Instead, you get a line or “loan” which you can draw from at any time.

If you spend the money on home improvement projects, any interest paid on the loans could be deductible for federal taxes.

Financing your bathroom remodeling project using a credit card

If your remodeling project is a modest one, consider getting a 0% APR balance transfer loan from a bank or financial institution.

If you use one of these offers, you’ll be able to get an instant cash advance without having to put up any collateral. You might even receive some extra benefits, too. But since they don’t always last forever, you’ll want to think ahead and come up with a plan to repay the full balance before your offer expires.

🔋☀️Bottom lines on bathroom remodels cost

A gorgeous new bathroom can make your home feel warm and inviting, especially if you choose materials that reflect your personal style. And no matter how small the room, you can create an oasis worth spending hours in with the right fixtures and finishes. Start planning today by choosing bathroom remodeling ideas based on your needs and preferences. You’ll save money by shopping around for the best deals on everything from flooring to lighting. Plus, you’ll get top-quality results from a professional team that knows what they’re doing.

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