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Utilizing Handyman Services in Your Home

The thing about home improvement projects is that you likely could handle them on your own given enough time, the right tools, and thorough education. Or you could hire J and D Handyman services who already have all of those things. We are well-equipped to handle these kinds of repairs quickly and efficiently. There’s also the added bonus of guaranteed work that gives you a peace of mind you can’t get by doing it on your own. Call Us at 540-270-5564

If you live in Catlett, Virginia, we’ve compiled a list of 14 jobs our handyman service can accomplish for you!

bathroom leak repairs by J and D Handyman

1. Leaking Plumbing

There aren’t many things that are more annoying than leaking plumbing fixtures. From the constant dripping sound to the mold and mildew that comes from the excess water, it’s a big problem all around.

But finding the actual leak and knowing how to fix it can be a more difficult task than you’d think. The job may be too much for you and still not quite big enough to call the actual plumber for.

That’s where the handyman repair company comes in.

They’ll send out a professional who knows what to look for and how to fix any leaks. That includes leaks under sinks, showers, toilets, washing machines, or refrigerators. The quicker you can get these leaks handled, the less lasting damage you’ll have.

2. Light Fixture Installation

Home improvement projects are often about changing the aesthetic of the room, making it fit the homeowner’s style better.

A quick way to make a dramatic impact is to change out a light fixture.

One of the most common reasons to change out a light fixture is to make the room brighter. Each room will need something slightly different to reach maximum brightness. So customizing the light fixture and the bulbs in it are the best way to get the level of light you’re looking for.

People also change light fixtures because they don’t like the look of the current option. Let’s face it, some lights are just ugly. It’s an easy change to update a whole space.

There is a little bit of wiring and electrical work involved in changing out a light. That can make some people nervous. If that’s you, a handyman can easily come and install your new fixtures in no time!

3. Drywall Repair

If more than one person is living in your house, there will be some dings, dents, and holes in your drywall at some point.

That is especially true if any children or teenagers are living there.

Drywall repair work isn’t necessarily difficult. But it does take some special skill and finesse to make it look right. You don’t want to be able to see the repair job once you’re done. And that’s the tricky part.

This is a very simple job for handyman service companies because homeowners want the final product to look just right.

4. Fresh Coat of Paint

We Love To Paint

While you’re getting your walls fixed, you might throw a new coat of paint on top.

Hiring handyman technicians to handle your painting jobs is a smart investment. They’ll likely be able to get the job done much quicker than you would be able to in your spare moments. That means they’ll use fewer materials (like rollers and brushes), which saves you money.

As with most home improvement projects, the details and finish work are where you need the skills. That’s precisely where handymen shine.

These professionals will be able to get crisp lines and even color throughout your whole project. And the best part; you won’t have to spend hours preparing the area to get that look!

Instead, you can enjoy the completely new space in your home!

5. Exterior Upgrades

Beautiful Exterior Work

Sometimes the outside of your house gets a little neglected. It’s easy to forget or put off the projects that need to be done out there since you don’t spend as much time outside.

But these projects are just as important as interior ones.

That’s true both for the overall appeal of your home and for the function as well. Using the change in seasons to prompt you to have a handyman come and do general home repair and maintenance is an excellent way to move exterior projects up on your project list.

A handyman will be able to do a thorough check on all of your siding, roofing shingles, gutters, light fixtures, and doors.

If anything needs a little repair, they’ll have the tools and know-how to handle it quickly.

6. Deck Repairs

More than 20% of homes in America have outdoor living spaces, including decks and patios.

These areas provide so much for a home and can be so enjoyable. That is if they’re in good working order. Because of the exposure to the elements and harsh weather, outdoor spaces take a beating over the years.

Decking is usually pretty durable but can need some maintenance and repairs each year.

This is an excellent job to hire a handyman for because it can require several skills put together to complete the whole job. There will likely need to be some patching and repair work done on the actual material. Then it will need to be stained or painted to match the rest.

Deck repairs can be a process, but the extra square footage in your house is well worth it!

7. HVAC Maintenance

One of the most inconvenient problems is a broken HVAC system, whether that means you’re too cold or too hot. It’s not fun either way.

Regular check-ups and maintenance are critical to making sure this system works well throughout the whole season. A handyman service company is perfect for this job because they have the skills but won’t charge as much as a full HVAC company will.

They can easily see what’s working and what’s not to get your machine running as smoothly as possible. This is a great way to prevent having an uncomfortable time in your home.

8. Flooring Improvements

Replacing a whole floor is an expensive, time-consuming hassle that can often be avoided by simple repairs.

Normal, everyday life can cause the floors to look old and like they need refinishing. Furniture and shoes can cause dings or dents. Those can turn into chips, which will become holes and missing pieces.

Carpets can become loose and get stretched out over time as well.

All of these things can likely be handled by a handyman. They can fix the problem area for you, which prevents the need to replace the entire floor.

If the problem is too big for the handyman, they’ll also recommend a more specialized professional to help you move forward.

9. Door Repairs

Similar to the floor, regular activities in a home can cause damage to the doors. That often looks like dings or scrapes on the door itself, which can easily be handled independently.

But often it’s something a little more serious, possibly with the hinges and hardware.

If a door is closed improperly too often, it can cause enough damage that it won’t close properly at all anymore. A professional handyman will be able to assess the situation to determine the best course moving forward.

They may be able to repair the door while it’s still in place. Or they may need to remove the door and rehang it to get it in the right position.

Once they’ve made their repairs, your door should work correctly for years to come!

10. Tile Replacement

Tile is designed to be resilient and durable. That’s why many people use it in high-traffic areas throughout their homes.

The negative side of using tile is that when it gets damaged, it’s obvious and can’t be hidden very well. Chips on the surface get bigger and bigger until you’re missing a big piece.

But there is good news about damaged tiles. The fix generally isn’t very difficult or expensive.

That’s especially true when you hire a handyman to do the job. They will expertly be able to remove the damaged tiles and replace them without causing more damage to the surrounding areas.

These skills can be applied to all kinds of tiles; flooring, backsplashes, or showers. Get those areas back to perfect condition quickly and efficiently.

11. Furniture Assembly

Most people don’t think following incomprehensible instructions to put together a new piece of furniture sounds like a good, relaxing after-work activity. And yet furniture assembly is one of the most forgotten handyman services available.

Don’t avoid buying new furniture because you don’t want to take the time to put it together.

A handyman service company can put together any type of furniture you need, including beds, bookshelves, desks, or tables. They can even help to assemble cabinet boxes or other more permanent fixtures in your home.

Another bonus of having help assembling furniture is that the handyman will get it set up in its correct place. No more scooting furniture inch by inch into place!

Remove one of the most frustrating tasks from your list and hire a handyman!

12. Hanging Pictures

It’s a safe bet to guess that you have pictures or art hanging around your home waiting to be hung on the walls.

In theory, this task shouldn’t take long and isn’t difficult at all. And, yet, it is difficult to get the pictures hung in the right spot and level. It always takes much longer than you think it will. It just does.

Make your house feel more like home by hiring a handyman to get all of your memories and special treasures on the walls.

These are the kinds of jobs that nag at your for way too long. A professional handyman will be able to get it all done for you in one afternoon. You can enjoy the view without any of the effort!

13. Smart Appliance Setup

The number of smart appliances in homes across America is growing exponentially. Things like smart thermostats, video doorbells, and virtual assistants do amazing things to make our lives more automated and convenient.

While they add this level of ease to our lives, getting them set up and ready to go isn’t always that simple.

Sometimes these appliances require some work to permanently get them in their place, like mounting a smart doorbell. A handyman could be hired to handle all of the installation and setup you’d need.

Specialized handymen may also be able to connect your smart devices to make things even more convenient for your daily use.

14. Managing the Little Details

Home improvement projects can feel like they last a lifetime. That is primarily because there are often so many minor details that need to be handled before you can genuinely cross it off your list.

The finishing work of a project is the most tedious and boring part. But they also make the biggest difference in making the project look complete and professional.

Handymen have all of the skills and tools they need to pull-off those little details you don’t want to do. Things like caulking or cleaning grout or painting trim work. Each of those things adds up to a beautiful final product.

When you get a handyman to take care of the whole project, they will be sure to add all of these minor details to give you the best result possible.

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