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How to change a showerhead

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Easy Way to Install New Showerhead

In this article you will find useful steps to install new showerhead

An installation of a new showerhead should be considered when the existing one is old, rusty, or no longer capable of producing a desired flow rate or pressure. Many people who have experienced low-flow showerheads that produce less than 2 gallons per minute often switch to high-volume models which are more efficient and cost less to operate.

Having a showerhead that can easily produce at least 10 gallons per minute is important because it means you will not have to turn on the water long enough for it to heat up in order for you to take your morning shower. In addition, replacing an old and worn out one with a newer model will increase its lifespan as well as improve performance with time.

The most common reason people choose to install new showerhead is that their old one is either defective or no longer capable of producing the desired flow rate -A new high volume model will make the best choice for someone experiencing low flow -Replacing an old and worn out model with a newer one will increase its lifespan

Various Type Of Showerheads

A showerhead is a handheld device used to mix water and air. The showerhead is typically installed in the tub or shower enclosure to provide water for a person to wash themselves. For most people, having an installation of a new showerhead will be an excellent way to get clean and refreshed after a long day at work. There are various types of showerheads that can be installed from different materials such as plastic or metal. Installing new showerheads is fairly easy and can save you money in the long run since they don’t need replaced as often as other fixtures like faucets or valves. The installation for installing this fixture typically involves removing the old fixture, examining the piping for possible leaks, turning off the water supply, using pipe dope on all threaded joints, but not on copper pipes under 60 degrees C (140 Fahrenheit), tightening everything securely with adjustable pliers which cuts down on leaks when it’s tightened too much and then putting everything back together again. Read New Plumber Article

Install New Showerhead. Step 1. Remove the Old Showerhead

  • Using a pair of plumbing pliers, remove your old showerhead by turning counterclockwise (to the left) on the coupling that connects the showerhead to the shower arm. (See photo.)
  • Pro tip: Prevent scratching your new showerhead by covering the jaws of your pliers with tape.

Step 1

install new showerhead

Apply Plumber’s Tape

Step 2

  • Wrap the threads of the shower arm with a few rotations of plumber’s tape. (See photo.)
  • Note: Some showerheads don’t require plumber’s tape. Check with the manufacturer specifications.
applying plumbers tape to shower head

Install New Showerhead

  • Fit the female coupling of the new showerhead onto the threads of the shower arm, then hand-tighten, turning it clockwise (to the right).
  • Tighten the showerhead coupling another quarter-turn using a pair of plumbing pliers. (See photo.)
  • Turn on the shower and check for leaks.
installing the new showerhead
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