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Bathroom Leak: The Ultimate 5 Step Guide For Fixing It Quick

man in panic attic from bathroom leak
man filling up pool with water hose

Bathroom Leak: One day while standing by the pool with a nice drink nearby, water hose running and you notice the water pressure Is very low. The next decision you make could be crucial.  a local certified plumber could help you avoid wasting $1000.00 of dollars. We are glad to help out with simple leaks, bathroom leak, or leaky faucets. I’m Daniel Southard. See my profile page.

Fixing a Bathroom Leak

Table Of Contents:

  1. Avoiding panic 
  2. Examine the issue 
  3. Locating the source
  4. Make a good decision
  5. Multi skilled contractors

1. Avoiding Panic

If you walk In to your house and discover a bathroom leak or the living room ceiling leaking and water is coming through non stop don’t panic. Many homeowners, particularly men may be tempted to fix or do it yourself. 

man in panic attic from bathroom leak

2. Examining the Issue

drywall repair

If you walk In to your house and discover the living room ceiling Is leaking and water is coming through non stop don’t panic. Your Ceiling and can be repaired easy at this point.


3. Locating the source

bathroom leak repairs by J and D Handyman

Once you determine the source that Is leaking, find and turn off the cut off valve usually close by the usually close by.


At this point you are going to forced to make a decision to either watch  countless videos that may help you do It yourself,  or call a local certified plumber  like J and Handyman. You can call us for advice by calling 540-270-5564. We know decisions like this can be troublesome, and are happy to help you out.

5. Do I need a plumber and drywall expert?

Some so called handyman claim to be able to handle everything In the box. We often see homeowners hiring these guys working from the back of their pickup truck. Yes they are cheaper, but there is always a reason. First of all, a plumber must be properly licensed to do plumbing. Some handyman also advertise they can do drywall repairs. Here’s what we know! J and D Handyman has this covered. We are fully licensed and Insured  and have a plumber on staff. Click here to see a full list of services we can do.

We just need a little Information to help solve your bathroom leak.

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